That Thing I Never Shared with You


April 29th

BY: Claudia Hidalgo Jimenez, Translated by William Gregory.

PARTNERS: Instituto Cervantes of Chicago, Victory Garden’s Theater, Chicago Theater Sweatshop.

DIRECTOR: Demetrius Troy


After years of estrangement, a father and daughter are reunited over an uneasy breakfast. As her son prepares for a school day he will once again miss, the daughter reveals the reason for her recent isolation, little realizing that her own confession will uncover painful secrets left locked away for decades.

The Castle and The Sparrow


April 28th

BY: Ahmed Serag

TRANSLATOR: Fouad Teymour

PARTNERS: Consulate General of Egypt in Chicago, Egyptians Abroad for Development, Egyptian American Society

DIRECTOR: Jimmy McDermott


On the eve of conquest of the legendary Castle fabled in the ancient scrolls as having a thousand portals, each surrounded by a thousand spires, with a thousand archers guarding each spire, and each armed with a thousand arrows, the King and his little prince dream. The king dreams of the glory that history will bestow upon him when he becomes the first in a long line of kings to succeed at this feat, while his six-year old child prince dreams of finally getting the sparrow he so much desires as a friend. Only the kingdom subjects do not dare to dream; it always costs them when they do. 

Meanwhile the men of the King’s Royal Council scheme to keep him deceived. They assure him that all preparations are made and that victory is guaranteed, but only really care about expanding the power of each of their offices.

In the midst of all this, the sudden apparition of a mysterious man threatens to uncover the intricate web of deception, malice and lies.

Helen’s Necklace


April 22nd

BY: Carole Frechette

TRANSLATOR: John Murrell

PARTNERS: Consulate General of Canada in Chicago.



In the heart of a chaotic Middle Eastern city, Helen, tries to retrace her steps in the hopes of finding a lost necklace. Her journey brings her face to face with the realities of a war-torn city and the many facets of loss. IVP is pleased to present a second play thehighly acclaimed playwright Carole Frechette.

At Black Lake


April 21st

BY: Dea Loher

TRANSLATOR: Daniel Brunet

COLLABORATORS: Side Show Theatre

DIRECTOR: Jonathan L. Green


It happened four years ago.  At Black Lake.  Cleo and Eddie stayed. Johnny and Else left. Now, 1,460 days later, they meet again.  They meet the first time.  At Black Lake.

I Call My Brothers


April 15th

BY: Jonas Hassen Khemiri

TRANSLATOR: Rachel Willso-Broyles

DIRECTOR: Anna C. Bahow


A car has exploded in Stockholm. Amor is wandering around a paranoid city full of police, on the hunt for a spare part for a drill. He has a phone in his front pocket and a knife in his back pocket. He will answer when Shavi calls; he will stop stalking Valeria. Above all, he will act maximally normal. But what is normal behavior? Who is a potential suspect?  For 24 intense hours we find ourselves in Amor’s head, where the lines between criminal and victim, love and chemistry, and paranoia and reality become increasingly fuzzy. The play is based on a column Khemiri published in December, 2010, one week after the suicide bombing in Stockholm. IVP is pleased to present a second play by this extraordinary playwright. IVP presented Khemiri’s  Invasion in 2012.  Invasion went on to a full production at Silk Road Rising under the direction of IVP Artistic Associate Anna C. Bahow.

Just Me, You and THE SILENCE


April 14th

TRANSLATOR: Judith Lucy Adong

DIRECTOR: Andrea Dymond


Developed with support from the Sundance Institute and Royal Court Theatre, Just Me, You and the Silence traces the rise of Jacob Obina, a proud, ambitious dreamer in Kampala who recognizes a golden opportunity when he lands a prestigious Parliament seat. Determin to become president, he introduces a bill that divides the nation and catapults him into the media spotlight. But when a shocking secret is revealed, Obina is forced to choose between his desire for fame and love for the person he cherishes most in the world.

Man Without Purpose


April 8th

BY: Arne Lygre

TRANSLATOR: May-Brit Akerholt


DIRECTOR: Breahan Eve Pautsch


Peter, a property developer, buys land to build the city of his dreams. Rich and imperious, Peter dominates his family: ``Behind the person who pretends to be my wife, who are you?'' he cruelly demands. Fate steps in when Peter dies, and his brother inherits his power and forces Peter's wife to satisfy his sadistic desires.

living. under glass


April 7th

BY: Ewald Palmetshofer

TRANSLATOR: Neil Blackadder


DIRECTOR: Brandon Ray


Old times come to the forefront as a group of friends in their 30s reunite after years apart. In their younger days, they shared ideals and beds. Together again, they negotiate past relationships and past wounds and search for meaning after youth.