The Almond and the Seahorse


March 17th

BY: Kaitie O’Reilly. 

COLLABORATORS: Victory Gardens Access Project

DIRECTOR: Sandy Shinner


For Gwennan, it’s always 1985. The face in the mirror is unfamiliar and there’s a strange man at the door claiming to be her husband. Joe’s past is coming undone and his partner, Sarah, fears she will be forgotten. What happens when you’re ambushed by time – your memories deleting, relationships erasing? The play focuses on those who have survived Traumatic Brain Injury, informed by a Disability perspective.

Artsy, A Hipster Farce


March 16th

BY: Felipe Sant’Angelo


COLLABORATORS: Chicago Theatre Sweatshop, Consulate-General of Brazil in Chicago

DIRECTOR: Mariana Leite & Mercedes Herrero


Beatriz, an actress, Gandharva, a singer, and Fred Fausto, a sculptor, are three young self-proclaimed artists who came to live in a big city, seeking success in their careers. The problem is they can’t even manage to afford the rent of the apartment where they live together.  On the day when they are about to be finally kicked out by the landlady, they decide to make an artistic revolution that will change the world forever. However, planning this so called “revolution” turns out to be much more difficult than they would have imagined, and they have to face their own limitations as artists and human beings.

hamlet is dead. no gravity


March 15th

BY: Ewald Palmetshofer

TRANSLATOR: Neil Blackadder.

COLLABORATORS: Austrian Consulate General Chicago

DIRECTOR: Anna Bahow


Dani and Mani, brother and sister, come home for their grandma’s birthday.  But they also attend a funeral, where they run into Bine and Oli, who are now married.  Oli used to be interested in Dani, way back when they were all friends.  Relationships among family and friends shift, morph and are never what they seem – inevitably, something is going to happen.  In this play, Ewald Palmetshofer weaves language and rhythm into something comic and threatening that ultimately leaves just one question open: To resign or to act?

The Small Room at the Top of the Stairs


March 14th

BY: Carole Frechette

TRANSLATOR: John Murrell. 

COLLABORATORS: Consulate General of Canada in Chicago, Vitalist Theatre, Alliance Francaise de Chicago, Quebec Government Office in Chicago

DIRECTOR: Elizabeth Metz


In The Small Room at the Top of the Stairs, Grace finds herself irresistibly drawn to a mysterious and forbidden room.

In Search of Said Abu Al-Naga


March 10th

BY: Ahmed Hassan Al-Banna

TRANSLATOR: Mohammed Albakry and Rebekah Maggor

COLLABORATORS: Consulate General of Egypt in Chicago

DIRECTOR: Hassan Amejal


In Search of Said Abu Al-Naga, by emerging writer Ahmed Hassan Al-Banna, presents a story ofindividual awakening, from the perspective of a petty police officer who participated in killing protestors during the January Revolution. At first, the officer, Said Abu Al-Naga, who hails from provincial Upper Egypt, insists that he was merely following orders.  But tormented by his sense of guilt and repudiated by his own family, he comes to recognize the repression of his own thoughts.  This symbolic social realist play explores the theme of individual consciousness and freedom. It questions the roots of oppression and the struggle to overcome a longstanding culture of fear. In Search of Said Abu Al-Naga won first place in the 2012 Tawfiq al-Hakim Drama Contest.



March 9th

BY: Gabriella Maione

COLLABORATORS: Alliance Francaise de Chicago, Cultural Service at the Consulate General of France in Chicago, Trap Door Theatre

DIRECTOR: Beata Pilch


Powerful and poetic, Symptômes, is a deeply moving threnody inspired by the horrific aftermath of 9/11. Adopting the heightened prose of epic Greek tragedy, the play inventively explores and deconstructs the ideologies underlying the 'war on terror' that we currently face. Shocking, heartbreaking and poignant, Symptomes is a parable of our times.

Noise in the Waters


March 8th

BY: Marco Martinelli

TRANSLATOR: Thomas Simpson

COLLABORATORS: Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago

DIRECTOR: Paola Coletto


Noise in the Waters is a translation into English of the theater piece Rumore di acque, created by Marco Martinelli and Teatro delle Albe, first presented in Ravenna, Italy in 2010. The piece consists of the relentless, embittered monologue of a military bureaucrat stationed underground in a mid-Mediterranean island, whose duty is to tally the dead who have perished attempting to make the crossing from Africa to Italy. In performance the monologue is interrupted at points by mournful traditional Sicilian songs performed by the Mancuso Brothers.

Dog Paddle


March 7th

BY: Reto Finger


COLLABORATORS: Consulate General of Switzerland in Chicago, Swiss Benevolent Society of Chicago

DIRECTOR: Jonathan L. Green


When Robert and Charlotte suddenly end a long-term relationship, Robert moves down to the basement until he can find another place--and then he won't move out.  Two years later, Charlotte is married to Johann and Robert has barricaded himself in.   From Switzerland, a cringe-worthy dark comedy about the changing tide of emotion and the inelegant struggle against drowning.