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“Internalized Theory of Love”

  • INSTITUTO CERVANTES 31 West Ohio Street Chicago, IL, 60654 United States (map)

Country: Finland

Title: “Internalized Theory of Love”

Playwright: Vera Kiiskinen

Translator: Merja Talvela and Leslie Hyde

Director: Breahan Pautsch

Partner: Akvavit Theatre

Synopsis: Ida and Leo are expecting their second child when, in a flash, their idyllic marriage collapses. The frenzied search for the guilty party is on. The crisis forces them to think about the purpose of their marriage. Who are they, and why do they even live together? They turn to Couples Therapy to find the reasons why they live together. The quest for answers turns to discussions with earlier generations of the family, both living and dead - Ida’s mother from the era of free love, Ida’s jazz loving father drowned in his own drink, the toothless Aunt Ingeborg, a ‘spinster’ from the fifties. Do they have to separate in order to survive family life?


Playwright: Vera Kiiskinen

Playwright: Vera Kiiskinen

Earlier Event: May 10
Later Event: May 22