A letter from Artistic Director Patrizia Accera


Happy April to you! 

The International Voices Project is celebrating 10 years of bringing global voices to Chicago stages. It also happens to be the Year of Chicago Theatre, which is a fitting coincidence, as Chicago is one of the great global cities for world class theatre and cannot be rivaled in the diversity on its stages.

A decade ago, I had the idea of presenting playwrights from around the world, collaborating with Chicago artists, consulates and cultural organizations and allowing the public to attend readings of new and international works - free of charge. In 2019, we can affirm that we have definitely met our goals and celebrate our mission statement.  We made our 2009 vision a reality, bringing hundreds of artists to this city to perform for thousands of people and creating lasting partnerships and friendships. 

Our plays are bold, sharp, witty and provocative. The voices we bring to the stage tell us stories of global impact and importance, and they do so with humor and honesty, brutality and brilliance. We give Chicago artists the opportunity to engage the best of contemporary playwrighting, and they have taken their IVP experiences into full production – bringing these incredible stories form the page to the stage.   

I am proud of the accomplishments of International Voices Project, especially the hard work of our dedicated staff and Board of Directors, and I look forward to the future with expanded offerings and special events, new partnerships and much more.

Thank you for the support you have offered over the last ten years and we look forward to celebrating with you this season.

Thank you.

Patrizia Accera

Executive Director

International Voices Project