Our Partner's Work: Medea’s Got Some Issues

The Chicago Theater Sweatshop presents Medea's Got Some Issues, "killer, witty, hilarious" take on Euripides' Medea.

Written and Directed by Emilio Williams, author of TABLES AND BEDS (IVP 2011)

Plot: The tragedy of Medea reinvented as a laugh-out-laugh farce? More than 2,400 years after the premiere of her play, Medea, in person, presents, without inhibitions, the mitigating and sordid factors surrounding her infamous case: from the sexual haste of her husband, Jason, to the misogynistic and xenophobic environment of classical Corinth. “Don’t you laugh, this shit is serious.” The play is both a madcap parody and a tribute to Euripidesʼ classic tragedy.

February 25th-March 25th, 2016 at 7:30pm Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at Stage 773

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You can read more about our friend, playwright/Director Emillio Williams, in this article.