Patrizia Acerra Discusses the 9th Season of IVP on WBEZ Worldview

Weekend Passport: International Voices Project Premieres 9th Season


The International Voices Project is going on its ninth year working with Chicago’s ethnic and diplomatic communities to present contemporary plays from around the world. The monthlong festival has plays translated into English then read by professional actors and often followed with discussions of the plays’ significance. One of this year’s plays comes from Syria and it’s a collaboration with the Columbia College Theater department. Mihbaj, by Riat Ismet, explores the family dynamics of military conflict. Set amid a drought and the rise of ISIS, the play offers a humanist view of what’s been going in in the Middle East.

To discuss the festival, we’re joined by Patrizia Acerra, the founder and executive director of the International Voices Project, and John Green, who is a professor of theatre at Columbia College Chicago. He is working with with Ismet on premiering Mihbaj at the International Voices Project. We’ll also hear from global citizen Nari Safavi on more ways to have an international good time on the weekend.

The new season kicks off this Tuesday May 1st and continues through May 30th at the Instituto Cervantes of Chicago (31 W. Ohio). For more information about the schedule and to reserve tickets please visit us at

Keep the festival free! For six years, we have kept our readings free of charge. Now we need your help. Please donate today to keep the new season free and open to the public. Help support IVP by making a donation today. Any amount helps us achieve our goals.

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International Voices Project (IVP), now in its 8th season, presents a five week celebration of international plays. The series is presented in collaboration with consulates and other cultural institutions throughout Chicago and this year’s engagement features plays from Spain, Ireland, Finland, Romania, Serbia, Germany, Australia, India, Wales and Sweden.

A reception follows each evening’s reading. The International Voices Project is the largest event of its kind in the country. Performances are free to the public. Reservations are requested.  For the complete program, more information about IVP, or to reserve your seat, visit

A Blog By A Fan - Faye Consuela

Special Thanks to an audience member who has been attending IVP since the very beginning. Feel free to read what Faye Consuela has to say about her experience with IVP, in the past as well as with a particular show this year.

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An Interview with the Translator

Thanks to the brilliant work of our many translators, it’s easy to forget that the plays presented at IVP weren’t written in English. Robert Myers and Nada Saab, the translators for The Dictator had an especially hard job of it. I contacted Robert to find out more about the work he and Nada did on The Dictator, please enjoy the interview.

By Dramaturgy Sarah Kroth

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Knucklebones or jacks is a game that has a very ancient origin. Originally played with the knucklebones of sheep in farming towns, the “jacks” are now manufactured toys usually made of metal although sometimes made of plastic in modern times.

By Dramaturg, Cassie Scaman

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Air-Raid Shelters in Germany

Air-Raid Shelters in Germany

In Woman in Berlin, we see the story of a woman who is in an air-raid shelter in Germany. From the 1930s-on we saw a rise in above-ground shelters in Germany to protect against bombing during the war.

Dramaturg Cassie Scaman

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The Returning Blog Post

There is a colloquial definition of insanity that goes “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. One could say that Absurdism is theatre’s answer to that phrase.

Blog by dramaturgy Sarah Kroth


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the unmarried woman

The unmarried woman is a densely packed piece of theatre. Not only is it highly stylized, but the material itself hits on a wide range of subject matters. It goes through women’s prisons after the war, a mother taking care of her daughter as well as her own mother, dementia, deferred guilt, a sexual fetish, and army deserters.

Dramaturg Sarah Kroth

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