The International Voices Project champions the work of global playwrights by creating opportunities to experience new and contemporary international plays in urban settings and on stages throughout Chicago. We celebrate the mother tongue, and foster work that brings native languages to the forefront.

From its inception, Chicago was conceived as the crossroads of the country. The rail lines that crossed  the city now symbolize the role that Chicago will play in the future: as the center of international dialogue and design, creating opportunities for artists and audiences alike to experience the most engaging and provocative new plays from around the world.

We foster new translations, support the work of translators, and create ongoing relationships with playwrights from the five continents.

IVP explores:

  • Language and Stories that define Our Cultural Identities
  • International Artistic Engagement
  • Collaborations and Translation

We see Chicago  at the center of the conversation on international art. We see theatre as a catalyst to create change.

Tell the story. Change the world.

“From its earliest days, Chicago has been the North American gateway for trade and transportation. That legacy lives on today, as Chicago creates and defines its international gateways- in business, in trade, and in the arts. The City we are building celebrates international art and is eager to explore and collaborate with its global partners. It is our belief that IVP is one more bridge to that present-and-future Chicago, by creating opportunities for conversation and connection among diverse urban voices. Where might this symphony of voices lead? What opportunities for playwrights and producers might we create? That conversation might be the most exciting of all.”

~Patrizia Acerra, Executive Director